Whenever "Masters of Dirt" founder Georg Fechter and his business partner Arthur V. Magnus, CEO and Managing Director start a new project they are bound to do something exciting!

They have put together the world's most successful "Freestyle MX & Bike Show" – a show of superlatives.

They are now continuing this success to a new project.

Their own MASTERS OF DIRT fashion collection has been on the market since fall 2013 and is a huge success all over Europe.

For some time now they have established another strong business focus, though no less successful:

The production of merchandising collections for a range of customers as well as the organization and handling of merchandising appearances at events, various festivals or trade shows. This second business focus was simply born due to demand for their services.

A range of companies (Unlimited Skate, Swag, Université Laval, Less 17, Masters of Dirt, POP Headwear), individuals and artists have expressed their interests.

Due to this enormous demand "Masters of Dirt" have decided to launch "MASTERS OF MERCH".

The range of artists with whom we regularly work with, in the area of merchandising, has become greatly diverse and ranges from the most renowned DJ's in Europe to the Shaolin Monks. The country's largest music festival (Lake Festival) is a loyal MASTERS OF MERCH customer.

Everyone who knows George and Arthur, quickly notices that they are experts in their field.

It is therefore no surprise that they have teamed up with another expert to implement the "Masters of Merch" plan.

Quote, Georg Fechter:

"The success of our merchandising appearances was overwhelming, even for us. It didn’t take us long to realize that in order to develop quality and growth, we need to get another expert on board.

We are therefore very happy to have found Martin Seeh for our project - a man who loves fashion, a man who has over 20 years experience in the textile industry, a man who has worked in leadership positions in design departments of international fashion companies.

From now on Martin Seeh will be part of the team as the COO "Head of production". Due to his many years of experience working as the main importer in a range of market leading companies, Martin can also rely on his distribution experience.

Martin always strives to take into account the economic perspective as well, which has been a great advantage for our clients. The development of merchandising plans, the production of these products, the construction and its logistics, as well as perfect Visual Merchandising make up our day-to-day business! "